6 Tips To Succeed In Small Claims Court In Ontario

In Ontario, certain litigations are best settled in small claims court. This is more preferable to a regular court, as it gives individuals the opportunity to get justice at the minimal possible cost. For damages and settlements that are $25,000 or below, a small claims court in Ontario will be the best place to get justice.

While the processes and procedures in a small court are straightforward, many individuals make the mistake of thinking that it is very simple to win a case in the court. If you want to succeed, there are specific points you need to take note of. Here are six essential tips that can help you to succeed in small claims court in Ontario.

Prepare Well

The key to succeeding in anything is proper preparation. This is also the case when you are going to a small claims court in Ontario. You have to get the details of your case straight and prepare on how to present facts that will help you to win. It may be necessary to involve a lawyer or a paralegal at the preparation stage.

Bring Relevant Witnesses

You are allowed to bring witnesses in an Ontario small claims court case. Make sure that your witnesses are relevant and their testimonies will influence the outcome of the process. Bring individuals with first-hand experience of events or professionals with the right expertise to authenticate your claims.

Write Well

Whatever you write in the small claims form you submit to the court will significantly influence the outcome of your case. There is the need for a properly drafted plaintiff’s claim if you want to succeed. Even if you are a good writer, it will be better to have a professional legal help you with the legal document to present at the small claims court.

Include Relevant Evidence

Nothing beats convincing evidence in a court of law. Although the proceedings in a small claims court may not be too similar to that of an ordinary court, good evidence will have just the right impact in the judgment. Bring all relevant documents and other exhibits that will help your case.

Present Well

The way you present your case in a small claims court will also go a long way in determining the result you can obtain from the justice system. There is need to prepare appropriately and present your case as fearlessly as you can to sound convincing enough.

You Can Appeal If There Is Need for That

It is possible that even though you are right, judgment may not go in your favor at the small claims court at first. The good news is that you can appeal this judgment to a single judge of the Ontario Division Court. You will have 30 days to file for this appeal, so take this option if it is necessary.

Succeeding in a small claims court in Ontario may not be too simple. By following the tips above, however, your chances of success are improved. Contact us today at Civil Litigations Paralegal Services. We guarantee you the very best of representation. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND ba.deleted != 1 AND bb.deleted != 1’ at line 1