Landlord And Tenant Act Ontario

Running a home rental business involves an agreement between landlord and tenant. Being a landlord or a tenant entails constitutional rights and responsibilities found in the Landlord and Tenant Act in Ontario. This aims to protect the interest of both parties. Being aware of this law is beneficial for both sides because this will give them knowledge of their respective roles and responsibilities set by the law, regarding tenancies.

The Landlord and Tenant Act in Ontario is a complicated matter, and this requires expert and experienced legal professionals to help with such a case. For settlements and disputes between landlords and tenants, it is best to consult us. We had been serving Ontario since 1996, and we are experts in this type of cases.

Landlord and Tenant Board

Problems may arise between landlords and tenants, and at times it is difficult to resolve on their own and may require legal actions. This is the reason why Landlord and Tenant Board exists. This committee deals with settlements and disputes involving landlords and tenants.

Both landlord and tenant can apply to the board if they encounter problems such as delayed rental fees, damages, repair needs, and maintenance, etc. A hearing will be conducted once the application is approved. The landlord and tenant can also choose to be represented by a lawyer to help them with this matter. Then, the Board will come up with a decision or an order based on the facts presented and the law.

When Can a Landlord Legally Evict a Tenant?

There may be times that the landlord would want to evict the tenant, but is not sure if they are doing the right thing. Being aware of the law will help avoid litigation and problems in the long run. A tenant can be evicted from the property for some of these reasons but not limited to, according to The Residential Tenancies Act:

Tenant is not paying the rent

Tenant is continuously delayed with payments

Tenant incurs unwarranted damage to the property

Any situation or instance that would interfere with the reasonable enjoyment or lawful right of the landlord

Overcrowding of the rented property

Safety issues that may cause harm to others

Tenant is performing illegal activities within the property 

Hiring a Landlord-and-Tenant Expert to Represent You

Hiring a lawyer who is not an expert in this kind of case will cost you more and may result in additional problems than solutions. Other lawyers who specialize in different fields may not fully understand the technicalities of the Landlord and Tenant Act of Ontario. They may have a good record of criminal cases won, but this does not guarantee that they will also do as good with landlord and tenant cases.

To avoid additional cost by hiring the wrong attorney, contact us today. Civil Litigations Paralegal Services has been handling this kind of cases for over a decade. We are experts of the Landlord and Tenant Act in Ontario. If you have an issue with your tenant or your landlord, we are more than happy to assist you.