Landlord Tenant Board In Ontario: 6 Tips For Resolving Dispute Between Tenants

As a landlord in Ontario, there are some issues you will have to deal with. A conflict between tenants is one of such problems that are inevitable. No matter how proactive you are, it is impossible to avoid conflicts between tenants completely. Disputes between tenants are not what you will take to the landlord-tenant board in Ontario. You will have to handle it yourself and ensure that it does not escalate or lead to the destruction of your property. Here, we will consider six essential tips that will help you resolve such disputes.

Be Accessible

One way of ensuring that you prevent minor problems from escalating is to make yourself available to your tenants. Tenants will feel more frustrated if they don’t have means of contacting you to complain about hostile or untoward behaviors from their fellow tenants. When you are available, their frustration will be minimal, and you can address problems at the initial stage.

Listen To Complaints from Both Parties

It is essential that you listen to the complaints of both parties so that you understand the extent of the dispute and have a better idea of how to deal with it.

Be Professional

When addressing disputes brought to you by your tenants, it is vital that you let emotions aside and professionally deal with the issue. Just as the landlord-tenant boards in Ontario is an established authority in cases between tenants and landlords, you have to exercise authority in disputes between your tenants.

Consider Mediations

Some disputes may become a little too hard for you to handle and it is not a bad idea to consider mediations. Engaging mediators will help you to maintain a good relationship with the conflicting parties and also make you appear more professional.

Keep a Record

It is also imperative that you keep a record of all complaints and issues raised by tenants. The record may become very important in extreme cases when such disputes result to court cases. It is also important to keep a record so that you learn more about some tenants and their relationship with fellow tenants.

Follow Up On Complaints

Even after addressing any dispute as much as you can, it is also essential to check on both parties in a later date to see if there are changes. It is always important to know if there are positive or negative changes so that you know when to involve higher authority.

As a landlord, you should be able to handle disputes between your tenants. The tips here will help you in that regard. There are instances, however, when you may have to take severe actions like evicting hostile tenants. Follow the right process as stipulated by the landlord-tenant board in Ontario.

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