Toronto Small Claims Court

If you live in Toronto and are seeking an expert in small claims court representation, consider Civil Litigations, serving the greater Toronto area since 1996. The paralegals at Civil Litigations are trained and educated professionals who are licensed, insured and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and are authorized to provide legal services to the public. Unlike Law Clerks or Legal Assistants who only assist lawyers and paralegals, a paralegal in Ontario can represent you with your legal matter by offering you legal advice, filling out forms and representing you in Toronto in small claims court or tribunals.

You may be wondering what types of authorized legal services a paralegal can provide for you. A paralegal can provide legal services in the following areas of practice:

– Toronto Small Claims Court (for matters up to $25,000.00);

– Ontario Court of Justice under the Provincial Offences Act (e.g.: traffic tickets and offences under many provincial and municipal laws);

– Criminal Court on summary conviction offences (maximum penalty does not exceed 6 months imprisonment and/or a fine exceeding $5000);

– Accident Benefits under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule of the Insurance Act for minor injuries due to a motor vehicle accident; and

Administrative tribunals and boards such as the Human Rights Tribunal, The Landlord and Tenant Board, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), Financial Services Commission of -Ontario (FSCO), the Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) and hundreds of other tribunals and boards.

Often, Toronto residents ask why they should retain a Toronto licensed paralegal for their small claims court case rather than a lawyer. That’s a smart question. In many cases a paralegal is a specialist in their area of practice. Many paralegals may have more experience and have more knowledge of the applicable laws and rules governing a particular court or tribunal then a lawyer. Often paralegals will charge less then a lawyer for the same legal services. Many factors go into the price a paralegal or a lawyer will change you for a case. Some of the factors you as the client should look for in choosing a legal professional are their experience, and expertise in that type of legal matter.

Once you understand the reasons why hiring a paralegal in Toronto can be the best decision for your small claims court case, you may also ask why you should retain the services of Civil Litigations. The answer is really a simple one. Civil Litigations is a paralegal firm which has been serving the Toronto area since 1996. Their firm specializes in small claims court representation and was awarded the PLL designation in 2003 by the Paralegal Society of Canada. All of the paralegals from Civil Litigations are members of the Ontario Paralegal Association.

If you are in need of the services of a paralegal in Toronto to represent you in a small claims court case, Civil Litigations would like to invite you to their offices for a consultation. Please call Civil Litigations at 416-229-1479 to set up your consultation, or to ask one of their experts any questions you may have. The hiring of a paralegal is an important matter. Be sure to hire the right one. Call Civil Litigations today.