You Can Win In Toronto Small Claims Court!

Civil Litigations is a group of legal experts who offer legal services to the public in a range of defined areas, including Toronto small claims court. A lot of people don’t know that the Law Society of Ontario regulates paralegals the same way it regulates lawyers. This means that people who hire paralegals are getting a legal expert who is licensed, accredited, insured, and will abide by a professional code of conduct.

Have You Considered Hiring a Paralegal?

Since small claims court hears cases with less than $25,000 in damages, the average person doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer to have quality legal representation in court. Also, since Toronto small claims court was designed to be easy for people to represent themselves, many plaintiffs and defendants go it alone. But why? Hiring a paralegal from Civil Litigations means that you get the same services and knowledge base that a lawyer would provide you with at only a small fraction of the cost.

Small Claims Court is Still a Big Deal

Of course, small claims court is called “small claims” because the most a person can sue for is $25,000. To the court, this is a small claim, but to the average person, $25K is a lot of money. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “small claims” means “small” regarding court significance. Whether you’re suing or being sued, even a few thousand dollars is not “small” to most people. In small claims court in Toronto, all judgments are final. You only have one shot to win your case, so make sure you are ready for your hearing with quality legal support. Even if you lose your claim, we may still be able to get you a favorable result.

If you are a Defendant in Small Claims Court

Although you may owe some money, by law, you have rights and a story to tell. Part of what Civil Litigations does is make sure your rights are protected, and your story is presented in the most favorable light. Further, you may legitimately not be able to pay the debt you owe, and a paralegal from Civil Litigations can help you get a settlement that fits your financial circumstances. We can help you navigate through the often stressful small claims court proceedings. Plus, if it is discovered that the other party has behaved unethically, lied to the court, or sued on false grounds, you may be awarded a counter-judgment. Plus, it is possible in some cases to ask the liable party to pay for your legal services in addition to the principal amount of damages you are seeking. In other words, the guilty party may be ordered to pay your legal fees.

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Civil Litigations is a name that is well-trusted in Toronto. With years of experience and thousands of wins in Toronto small claims court, we are a formidable partner in the courtroom. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation, and we’ll discuss the details of your case. Either give us a call, send us an email, or stop by our office in Toronto. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND ba.deleted != 1 AND bb.deleted != 1’ at line 1