LTB | May 14, 2021 Landlord and Tenant Board Implementing Enhanced Scheduling Plan

The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is working towards resuming full services by implementing a scheduling plan that will prioritize mediation services, reduce delays and enhance the quality of dispute resolution services.

Effective May 31, 2021, the plan will allow for more matters to be heard and ensure that landlords and tenants with scheduled hearings to end a tenancy and evict a tenant are provided same day access to mediation services with a Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO) before moving forward to a hearing with an adjudicator.

The plan also includes:

  • Implementing Zoom videoconference platform to conduct proceedings.
  • Conducting multiple tenant case management hearings in one hearing block with several DROs.
  • Holding full day hearings for most L2 applications to allow landlords and tenants more time for mediation to resolve their disputes.
  • Creating Zoom breakout rooms for parties to meet privately with legal counsel.
  • Exploring the use of a ’virtual concierge’ to help take attendance and direct parties to breakout rooms.
  • Resuming a two DRO team approach to Above Guideline Increase CMHs.

“Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the LTB has adapted and evolved to meet the needs of Ontarians. The new strategy is a critical step in our plans to lay the foundation for a more user-focused system that prioritizes mediation services,” said Karen Restoule, Associate Chair at the Landlord and Tenant Board. “As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, we encourage landlords and tenants to work together to resolve disputes.”

The LTB is committed to providing timely, efficient and accessible dispute resolution services.