You can now sue for up to $35,000.00 each person in Ontario Small Claims Court

The Ontario small claims court monetary jurisdiction is now $35,000.00. Each Plaintiff in the Toronto Small Claims Court, Brampton Small Claims Court, Richmond Hill Small Claims Court, Newmarket Small Claims Court, Belleville Small Claims Court, Kingston Small Claims Court, Ottawa Small Claims Court and other Ontario small claims courts can now sue for up to $35,000.00 per person. You can also seek the return of personal property not exceeding $35,000.00 in value.

Many people are unaware that a skilled paralegal knows how to issue one Plaintiff’s Claim where the parties suing can claim $35,000.00 each person in one lawsuit.

The monetary jurisdiction of the small claims court Ontario increased on January 1, 2020.

Paralegal Representation

Every day our office receives calls from small businesses wanting to hire us to sue for unpaid accounts, accounts receivable, loans, and more in the Small Claims Court Ontario.

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