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Landlord Tenant Act Ontario Eviction

Landlord Tenant Act Ontario Eviction

When you are facing an eviction that is taking place because of reasons that are not believed to be satisfactory, you need an experienced paralegal to serve as your representative. We have been providing the necessary assistance in the Toronto area for over 20 years now.

It is our proud duty to assist you in fully understanding the Landlord Tenant Act so that you can avoid an Ontario eviction. The services that we provide here are numerous. If you or a loved one is having trouble learning about the Landlord Tenant Act and how it will factor into a potential Ontario eviction, we are here to help.

Be sure to contact a professional when you are in the process of eviction so that you can enjoy the many advantages that we have to offer.

Meeting With The Landlord and Tenant Board

When it comes to handling cases that have to do with the Landlord Tenant Act, we can assist you so that you can steer clear of an Ontario eviction. We will sit down with each client to explain the realities of their case and let them know if they have any viable evidence that can assist them.

For example, did you know that even the most viable evidence will need to be presented to the Landlord and Tenant Board in a certain way to be considered? The board adjudicator is going to hear your case, and it is your responsibility to find out as much as possible about your case before meeting with the board.

Understanding the Laws That Affect Your Case

Our paralegals have the experience necessary to assist you when it comes to an understanding all of the rules and regulations that govern your decision-making process. Hiring a paralegal also keeps you protected from the laws that have been enacted in Canada. The paralegal is responsible for their client in some ways.

If the paralegal is found to be negligent in any way, you will be entitled to damages. Those who do not take the time to hire the proper legal representative will not have the necessary recourse. Any errors that take place when you are responsible for representing yourself are going to cost you a great deal of time and money.

Helpful Consultations

When you are facing a case that involves the Landlord Tenant Act, our free consultations are here to assist you. You are going to have questions that must be answered about every aspect of your case, and this is your chance to find out everything that you need to know free of cost. Don't make the mistake of trying to obtain legal advice all by yourself.

As soon as you have received any notification regarding a potential Ontario eviction, you should be taking the time to schedule an appointment with our legal representatives. We prize our relationships with our clientele, and we go above and beyond o provide you with the best legal advice. This allows you to make the right decisions for both present and the future.

Landlord Tenant Act Ontario Eviction

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