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Paralegal Services Toronto

Paralegal Services Toronto

In 2006, Ontario became the first jurisdiction in North America to allow paralegals to become licensed members who can provide legal services much the same way as attorneys do. Therefore, when it comes to paralegal services in Toronto, paralegals can do much more than paralegals can anywhere else in North America. Outside of Toronto, a paralegal is essentially somebody who works under a lawyer. This can be a clerk or a legal assistant who drafts and reviews documents, make notes on cases, and other menial tasks in assistance to the lawyers they work for, but these paralegals can't provide legal representation.

Civil Litigations is a Paralegal Firm in Toronto that does Almost Everything

Whether it's legal research, the drafting of documents or legal representation in courts, paralegal services in Toronto is an entirely different ball of wax than anywhere else in Canada. For this reason, there has been a tremendous uptick in paralegal client representation as we do the same things that lawyers can do at only a fraction of the cost. While paralegals can perform a wide variety of legal services, they have some limitations. In other words, there are some things that, by law, a paralegal could can't assist with. In such instances, a person would need to find an attorney.

For example, in Toronto, a paralegal has the jurisdiction to represent a client in a criminal matter, although we can only provide representaion for summary offenses. These are offenses where the client may be looking at no more than 6 months in jail if convicted.

Hire a Paralegal for Small Claims and Administrative Proceedings

More often than not, paralegal services in Toronto are retained for small claims proceedings, but we can also provide legal services for people who are acting in administrative law bodies, such as agencies, commissions, and tribunals. Again, this is for Ontario only.

Client-Paralegal Privilege is Afforded Only in Ontario

Another major benefit for people in need of legal representation in Ontario is that legal privilege, which is a privilege only allowed between solicitor and client, now exists between paralegal and client. What this means essentially is that the courts have determined that if a person has given information to a paralegal in Ontario, that information gets the same privilege or protection that it would get if you spoke to an attorney.

Unfortunately, most of Canada has not yet embraced the sane legal recognition for paralegals. That is why outside of Toronto, a paralegal functions no more than a legal assistant. They have no power, and they are not certified to represent individuals in court.

Contact Civil Litigations to Speak with a Seasoned and Affordable Paralegal Today

If you have a need legal representation or help with a legal case in Ontario, Civil Litigations has the knowledge and experience that you can rely on for sound legal guidance. Just dial our receptionist any time during normal business hours to speak with a paralegal directly, or call us after hours and leave a message. We'll be sure to get back with you the following business day if we miss you. Thanks for considering Civil Litigations for paralegal services in Toronto.

Paralegal Services Toronto

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