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Landlord Tenant Act Ontario Eviction: 6 Tips To Avoid Eviction For Non-Payment Of Rent

At times, your current financial situation puts you in a position not being able to meet up with your rent. Before you know it, your landlord is already planning to evict you. Going by the Landlord Tenant Act Ontario eviction, the landlord is permitted to do this. Nevertheless, you should still try your best to avoid eviction. If your rent is overdue and you do not know what to do to avoid eviction, here are six steps you should follow.

Talk To Your Landlord

In a situation where you are aware that you will not be able to pay the rent on time, you should meet the proprietor. Some landlords are willing to give their tenants a listening ear. You can work out a new payment plan with them.

Look For Financial Assistance

Before now, you were able to pay your bills but due to one financial problem or the other, you are no longer able to do so. Search for rent banks in your community where you will lend you some money without interest. There are also programs such as homelessness prevention programs that your source for help to help you keep your home.

Get a Roommate

If you are unable to pay your rent, you can share the rent payment with another person. You can accommodate a roommate as long as it does not contravene any local over-crowding by-laws.

Write to the Judge

Furthermore, the Landlord Tenant Act Ontario eviction offers tenants in Ontario the opportunity to pen a letter to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board asking for more time to pay the rent. This is a tactic used by most tenants in Ontario that has failed to pay up their rent. Ensure that genuine reasons why you have been unable to pay your rent are well spelled out. The judge might grant you pardon and ask the property owner to work out something with you.

Check the Paperwork

If a tenant does not pay the rent on the day that, it is due, the landlord can issue a Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-Payment of Rent, N4, the day after the rent is due. This notice gives the tenant additional time to pay the rent. An additional 14 days is given if the tenant pays the rent monthly. A minimum of 7 days is given if the tenant pays by the day or week. Check if the notice date is given correctly. If it is not, you should bring it to the notice of the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board to dismiss the case.

Wait Until the Hearing

The tenant can wait and see if the landlord will file an application with the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. If the property owner does, the tenant can state reasons why payment has not been made at the hearing.

These are some of the ways to avoid evicting for non-payment of rent in Ontario. The Landlord Tenant Act Ontario eviction also offers consideration for tenant for non-payment of rent. You can hire a financial and legal advisor to aid you at any of the steps.

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Landlord Tenant Act Ontario Eviction

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